The Speakers


Sylvain Gilliers-Imbs (France), Thérapeute spécialisé en équithérapie

Sylvain Gillier - Imbs (France)

Medical doctor specialized in equitherapy, Sylvain offers workshops with horses in France and United States through his facility Equintessence. He explains how equi-coaching can significantly improve treatment of depressive disorders.
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Carine Thiran (Belgium)

Veterinarian Equine Therapist specialized in equine ethology (animal behavior) and intuitive communication, Carine also practices shamanism and vocal therapy. Outside rider, she also offers horseback trail ride on her facility in Belgium. she will tell us about the importance of emotional messages and body movement in communicating with horses.
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Carine Thiran (Belgique), Vétérinaire et hippothérapeute
Ludovic Fournet (France), Entraîneur en équitation éthologique et formateur

Ludovic Fournet (France)

Trainer in Natural Horsemanship. Previously a high level competitor in horse endurance and performance shows, today Ludovic practices and teaches Natural Horsemanship, a method of training based on horse behavior, natural communication and "horse language". He emphasizes what we humans have to practice in ordrer to train and ride a horse in a true, mutually beneficial partnership.
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Carole Lacroix (Québec)

Natural Horsemanship instructor. After training "troubled" horses for about fifteen years, Carole took her learning from the horses into ways of helping humans. Carole describes the natural behavior of horses and the importance of managing our own emotions when practising Natural Horsemanship methods.
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Carole Lacroix (Québec), Enseignante d'équitation naturelle
Sally Nilsson Coach certifiée et Instructrice Avancée Eponaquest

Sally Nilsson (Costa Rica)

Certified coach and Advanced Eponaquest Instructor.
Englishwoman, rider and passionate about horses since always, Sally left her high-powered corporate attorney job in London to support people in finding balance and rediscovering their zest for life. She now lives in Costa Rica where she gives where she offers coaching sessions with and without horses.
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Debbie Draves Legg (United States, Virginia)

Advanced Eponaquest Instructor.
Former nurse, Debbie moved to Costa Rica where she ran a hotel and retreat center for thirteen years with a horse tourism program that educates people about the relationship with horses. She now lives in the United States.
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Debbie Draves Legg Instructrice Avancée Eponaquest
Elsa Sinclair (United States), Natural Horsemanship teacher

Elsa Sinclair (United States, Washington)

Horse Trainer & Movie Director. In her documentary movie Taming Wild, Elsa intends to create a relationship with a wild mustang mare without using any restraining tools, to see if she will let her ride on her back. Thanks to that experience, she develops her own approach called Freedom Based Training, in which she develops the concept of passive leadership taught by her mustang mare.
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Linda Kohanov (United States, Arizona)

Author, Conference speaker & Equine Coach.. Founder of Eponaquest Worldwide, Linda Kohanov is a well known innovator in the Equine Facilitated Learning field and a respected author. She spent more than twenty years researching on the origins of our relationship with horses, wrote six books and teaches the way of the horse all around the world.
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Linda Kohanov, Author, Conference speaker & Equine Coach
Jay Begaye & Ty Jones (United States)

Jay Begaye & Ty Jones (United States, Arizona)

Navajo Singer & Horseman Navajo. Both living in Navajo Nation in Arizona, Jay and Ty offer a new way of seeing horses through the Navajo traditional wisdom. Traditional singer and musician, Jay Begaye shares traditions and legends about the connection between the Navajos and their horses. Ty Jones is a Navajo horse trainer. For many years he studied the origin of the bond between the Navajos warriors and their horses. By telling the story of his people, he tries to reintroduce the Native wisdom into modern horsemanship.
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Along the way I have met many other great personalities and made new friends who have much wisdom to share about the way of the horse and on horse/human interaction.

Further wisdom, experiences and thoughts on equine communication from leaders in the field, including: