"Beautiful story about the horse/human connection. I have never looked at horses the same way since seeing this movie. I learned so much and was truly moved at the journey that this movie so beautifully takes you on. Magical!" Jo Y.

"What a great movie!!!! Incredible atypical journey in search of freedom and self-discovery. Leïla brings us for a moment in her adventure. Thank you Leïla. Thanks to the horses." Nicolas M.

"Simple, strong, beautiful... a real message for the young generation: follow your dreams!" Marie D.

"This movie is simply a treasure and watching it is one of the most beautiful gift you can give yourself!" Thierry L.

"In one hour you have answered all the questions I've been asking myself for the last 3 years with my horses. (…) I can't thank you enough!" Charlotte L.

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The Story

1 trip around the world
6 countries
10 interviews
242 contributeurs Ulule
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2 international awards
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Across Europe and America, follow Leïla’s journey to freedom to discover new ways of communication between humans and horses.

The journey

For thousands of years, horses have fascinated and inspired. Like many others, Leïla has always felt attracted by this great and powerful animal, symbol of freedom. But in the equestrian world in Europe, certain practices and beliefs about domination by force are sometimes still very present: horses are locked up, muzzled, subjected to our will by force.

A journey guided by horses

Leïla also experienced this feeling of confinement while working in Paris as a video editor in a "box" twelve hours a day. Until she decided in 2012 to break away from this monotonous life and pursue her childhood dreams, going out on the roads with her camera to interview equine specialists from all walks of life, who have found a more natural way of communicating with horses that breaks traditional codes.

In this film, leïla shares her inner journey, her search for freedom guided by horses.

This quest for freedom has led her to travel to six different countries (France, Belgium, Canada, Argentina, United States, Costa Rica) and to interview many equine specialists to better understand how to interact with them in mutual respect, but also to better understand herself.

Each country represents a step, a new piece of the puzzle to understand what horses can bring us and how to have a more harmonious relationship with them. Thanks to different approaches, Leïla discovers at each step a new part of herself.
She asks herself the following questions:

What if by freeing the horse from its chains, we could find our own freedom?

After three years of filming, one year of post-production, two international awards (including Best Inspiring Documentary at the Equus Film Festival in New York) and two triumphant tours of theatrical screenings in Europe, Sans Attache continues its mission.

The aim of this documentary is to change the way we look at horses, to see them as something other than a leisure object, but also to deepen our connection with them and thereby question our relationship with the world.



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